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This website is dedicated to the discussion of development issues in Sierra Leone.

At the SL Conference on Development and Transformation, Sierra Leoneans from all walks of life agreed to embark on the road to prosperity. We also identified signposts that we should see along the way that will confirm we are on the right path (the Roadmap). We should remain alert and identify the signposts we pass along the way. It would be left to each reader to judge whether these are taking us to the destination we aspire towards, or whether they are signposts we thought we had left behind in our last journey to conflict, but that are again appearing besides us.

My intention is also to inform, to share, and to sensitize the public about the results of analyses, opinions and studies by our nationals and friends with extensive experience and expertise on matters affecting our march to prosperity.

I hope readers will help pass on the message to other nationals many of whom do not have access to the internet or who cannot read and write.

This website is conceived as an a-political forum to review matters of national interest. Comments or Guest Blogs will not be accepted if clearly aimed at promoting or defending a political party.

Herbert M’cleod

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